About Me

“Photography has allowed me to satisfy my compulsiveness to constantly create.”

— Edison Ravelaz



My purpose in the creation of my images is to intrigue and captivate the viewer. It is an amalgamation of both creativity and technicality that keeps me fascinated with photography. It has given me the ability to interpret my idiosyncrasies into something visually unique. Behind every image is a thought process that resulted into that final product.

Photography is undeniably the one thing that keeps me sane. It is the outlet in which all my imagination can come close to manifesting in some sort of tangible medium. The press of a single button can encapsulate emotion, feeling, and the very soul of a moment. It is a sincere passion of mine and It is a pleasure to share with those who are like minded.


I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have over 9 years of experience but was always fascinated with creating art. I was into illustration and painting prior to picking up my first camera. 

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